Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest we forget

Today in Canada, it is Rememberance Day. It is on this day in 1918 that World War I ended. We have services to remember the fallen and those who have served to keep our country safe. I don't agree with the war in Afghanistan where many Canadians have died, but I do remember them, pray for them and pray for an end to the violence in that country. On Saturday our Government did something good for my community. As a part of celebrating 250 of democracy in our country, grants were given out to create monuments to commemorate this. Our little village of Woodville has about 300 community members and on Saturday we unveiled and dedicated a monument to remember 88 soldiers from this place who fought for our democracy. There are times when I can be negative about government officials, jobs, handouts, lack of support, etc etc...
I honestly don't know what bothers me more, an election campaign that lasts 2 years and wastes alot of money or one that starts and ends in just 5 weeks almost as if it never happened. Well today (and Saturday because people had to come from very far away), I was very proud to say I am a Nova Scotian, a Canadian and I will always remember what other people have done for me, my children and my country.

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