Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Maetia turned 2 1/2 this month which was really strange for me because in some ways she seems much older but then in other ways, I can remember her birth, her first attempt at scooting and walking. Now she is a chatterbox that is busy all the time. She loves to play and has a great imagination. She has fun with her play kitchen and she pretends to do a lot of gymnastics. She is good big sister to Eli, and likes to try and hold him (and carry him if I am not looking)! She has a few dolls that she loves and for some reason, one of them gets 'breastmilk' and one of them gets a bottle. She is growing well and eating better. She is off all her medication and although we have to be careful when she gets a chest cold, her breathing and reflux are almost gone.

Maetia has a bit of an attitude and because she is so observant she knows when I am making something up to satisfy her questions. She will ask me things like "Where does the vegetable live?" and I explain. Then she asks me "What makes the carrots orange?" and I explain. Then she will say "No mommy you are wrong." So I say fine, whatever and she demands a new explaination. It is tiring when I am busy or at 7pm but also really funny. Every night we pray for our family and friends and lately she is asking "where is God and why doesn't He sleep in my room? Ask Him to come down from Heaven." I did tell her that He is everywhere and even in her room but then she started looking around and that got confusing.
Yesterday she had a splinter and I took it out for her and she kept telling everyone she had a blister. When she would look to her foot to show people, she couldnt' find it and told me to put it back!
She says sweet things like, "Mamma, where is Daddy?" I say he is at work. "Why is he there?" That is his job, I say. "What is my job Mamma?" To be a little girl and have fun and learn. "What is your job Mamma?" To be a good mamma to you and Eli and sometimes I am a farmer. "I like your job, you are good job mamma." Awww, we love her so much!!

Feeding Tido in the tub

Dress up time. She says I am a woooman at the groocy stowa.

Helping daddy with the Timber.


Her new haircut makes her look so much older but so sweet too


saravan said...

Thanks for the update, Bella-Bong Pants. I look forward to the new pictures and love how cute your kids are. (I saw Eli's new shots on Facebook). And I'm sure Maetia is right about you being a great mom. :) I hope that you and Michael are enjoying every good gift. I think of you often. Love, me.

Gramma Sue said...

I love Maetia's questions! And your have such wise answers for her inquisitive mind. XOXO