Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy Spring

Horray, finally the days are getting longer and warmer. Laura was able to really get her hands dirty for the first time this year, transplanting our first bunch of plants into the garden. More unfortunately, Michael also got his hands dirty digging up the 'dry' well in our septic system that isn't so dry after all. The chickens we got for our CSA are starting to lay and we have been collecting enough eggs to feed our family, my parents and my sister. Our cat ran away while on a walk with us and our dog has been eating up all the tennis balls that he has found formerly covered by snow. We all had bad colds and are recovering. Maetia has a lot of scratches and bruises from running and falling. It seems we are all experiencing the spring season in full swing.
Eli couldn't be more different from Maetia as a baby. He makes cooing noises all the time and also has some very serious times when he furrows his brow and concentrates. He is very content. He likes to sit and snuggle. He loves to be touched and massaged. He has hardly any hair and what he has is light in colour. He has huge hands and large facial features. He eats really really well. He responds to music by calming down instead of moving around. He likes to be tickled and doesn't mind having a two year old in his face, and crawling all over him. The way that they are the same is that they both have acid reflux, long eyelashes, and love their parents. We love them both so much!!
Yesterday, we were showing Maetia worms in the garden and Michael told her they were pretty shy and wanted to be covered up with dirt. She went around all day saying "wooms are pitty sigh, pitty sigh mama". Eli is starting to smile all the time when we speak to him and laughed yesterday for the first time. We are having a lot of fun. Here are some of Eli's faces.

Monday, April 14, 2008

birthdays and grandparents

Well we made it, age TWO! How it went by so fast, we'll never know. It is has been a better year than the first in that Maetia's health has improved and I think we just relaxed a bit more as parents and enjoyed her even more. She started to see a gastrointestinal pediatric specialist and also the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. She was diagnosed with severe acid reflux and we found out so late that her esophagus had already eroded to some degree. This was the source of her not wanting to eat, choking on her mucus and severe congestion that was labelled 'asthma'. Just knowing what was wrong with her helped alot mentally for us and physically she improved once she was on the right form of medication. We also began supplementing her diet as recommended by a professional. Maetia has always been bright and alert and developmentally she was on par with other children. But with her sleep improving over this year she is even sharper and more cheerful. And her growth is finally on an upward curve!! Horray. She has finally passed the 20 mark. She weighs 21.3lbs! It was alot for her to take in this year. Also, within two months, we moved into a new house, Maetia got a new bed and she became a sister. We decided not to take away the soother, blankie or potty train until she had some time to adjust. We think she is adjusting to Eli like any first born child would. She loves him most of the time and thankfully hasn't shown any jealousy in an angry, violent way towards him. She does do a lot of throwing herself on the floor and crying and waiting to see what we will do. Most of all she just wants to be held a little more which is understandable and it almost breaks my heart when she looks up at me with those eyes and says "Mommy, just hold it please". 'It' means me. She was so cute on her birthday and celebrated herself for about two weeks singing and dancing each morning, noon and evening. She says she is two old!! and holds up all her fingers on both hands. She is very social and talkative. When she is upset she goes on and on trying through her tears to explain what is wrong. It is this long, long story that we can't make out but we listen intently. When she is in the car, she points out every single thing that she sees and explains what they are to us. She also has a remarkable memory and will ask us questions about something we had explained weeks earlier and thought she had forgotten. She is a joy to be around. We are so happy to have her in our life and praise the Lord for each day she is with us.

Eli is doing well. He loves to watch Maetia move all around and makes cooing noises at her. Normally those are reserved for the nursing mother but we think he likes her best! Hopefully it will stay that way for a long time. Coming from a family of (Laura) 4 girls and 1 boy and (Michael) 3 boys, we are not sure how they will get along as siblings in a few years.
We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Contant. Maetia renamed them Bamma and Papa. Whenever she hears or sees a plane she waves at them because she thinks they live at the airport in a plane. We had lots of fun introducing them to Eli and they were very helpful around the house; cleaning, cooking and playing with Maetia. Thank you so much for coming, we love you!!!
I am getting more organized in my thoughts and having two children seems a normal way to live now, when a few weeks ago it was very overwhelming. It still seems like they always end up pooping, being hungry, and needing to be held at the same time. Now I seem to be able to manage or not mind that one has to wait. I think that is the real key; it was hard at first to balance my time and love. We are getting outside more now that it is finally warming up and Maetia got a 'new' swingset so she is very happy to be outside. Our new house has a great backyard with lots of trees and Michael and I both are already talking about this summer and how we will have to move her bedtime back just so we can stay outside longer.

We will have an update on Eli and some pictures soon.

This is Maetia's natural curl in her hair

Bamma and Papa

Even with flour on her face, all I can do is look at those eyes

A little tummy and chubby hands to prove that she is still one of our little babies

Maetia and Eli- She tells us he is noisy