Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy Spring

Horray, finally the days are getting longer and warmer. Laura was able to really get her hands dirty for the first time this year, transplanting our first bunch of plants into the garden. More unfortunately, Michael also got his hands dirty digging up the 'dry' well in our septic system that isn't so dry after all. The chickens we got for our CSA are starting to lay and we have been collecting enough eggs to feed our family, my parents and my sister. Our cat ran away while on a walk with us and our dog has been eating up all the tennis balls that he has found formerly covered by snow. We all had bad colds and are recovering. Maetia has a lot of scratches and bruises from running and falling. It seems we are all experiencing the spring season in full swing.
Eli couldn't be more different from Maetia as a baby. He makes cooing noises all the time and also has some very serious times when he furrows his brow and concentrates. He is very content. He likes to sit and snuggle. He loves to be touched and massaged. He has hardly any hair and what he has is light in colour. He has huge hands and large facial features. He eats really really well. He responds to music by calming down instead of moving around. He likes to be tickled and doesn't mind having a two year old in his face, and crawling all over him. The way that they are the same is that they both have acid reflux, long eyelashes, and love their parents. We love them both so much!!
Yesterday, we were showing Maetia worms in the garden and Michael told her they were pretty shy and wanted to be covered up with dirt. She went around all day saying "wooms are pitty sigh, pitty sigh mama". Eli is starting to smile all the time when we speak to him and laughed yesterday for the first time. We are having a lot of fun. Here are some of Eli's faces.


spain dad said...

Wow. He's beautiful!

I laughed when I read the part about Maetia and the shy worms. :)

saravan said...

Thanks for sharing! I love keeping up with you guys this way...I'm glad Eli is such a content little guy.

Swallowfield said...

Dear Mike and Laura, good to keep up with you. What a beautiful face!! Spring is slow in coming to the westcoast this year too....onions and spinach up but too cold for much else.