Friday, September 18, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa visit

One of the biggest highlights of our summer was having mom and dad Contant come to Nova Scotia to visit. They stayed in their cottage, had company, went to Maine and visited and helped us. We loved having them around. We were obviously having way too much fun to take many photos but we hope to get some off of their camera. Here are a few that show a bit of the fun. We love you Grandma and Grandpa!!

Dad helping Laura weed her garden where he said he 'gained a new appreciation for the higher cost of the organic food they buy'.

Eli was always trying to catch up with Maetia all summer, but especially with those with hugs and kisses.

Dad, Michael and Eli making a fire on the beach at the cottage. We enjoyed many sunsets and good times on the beach with them.

Maetia and Grandma enjoying life

We also were able to go into Halifax to see the Tall Ships with Mom and Dad as well as Auntie Annelies and Uncle Ken. We loved visiting with all of you so much! Too bad for the rain.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We couldn't get away much this summer so we tried to make our home as fun and exciting as possible.

Helping me with supper and dishes

Eli takes his blanket with him wherever he goes, even in the coupe car.

This is Eli trying to pick up the bug that I pointed out to teach them about bugs. He didn't eat this one but only because it was 'too swippery'.

Do you sense a theme of dirt, soaked clothes and funny faces on this boy?

Maetia made her own bug net to be like Daddy who was in the garden.

Growing older with Summer

We ended up building a larger sandbox with great playing sand and Eli has stopped eating it, for the most part.

Our kiddie pool got a hole in it and the kids improvised for most of the summer. We spent at least 3 afternoons a week at my parent's house (with a pool).

A good friend of ours invited us to their cottage on a lake. We were able to take the kids out in the canoe which we have never done, having no canoe and some little babies. Maetia is proud to wear a life jacket and be in a real 'manoo on a lake'.

Eli sat almost as still in the canoe as he does in the tractor. It calmed my nerves a little to watch him be so relaxed.

We got 2 fish for our first "pets". According to Maetia, Drake and Violet don't count because they were not her official pets. Their names were Georgia and Sarah, and later another Sarah. Second Sarah is gone again and we are just sticking with Georgia until the winter when we have to bring her inside, then Maetia says Violet might eat her! The first death was a little traumatic but maybe due to the chickens we have had to 'process' (slaughter), Maetia seems okay with pet death for now.

VanHattem family time

My sister came from PEI and we all rented a cottage, spent some time at the beach and basically just hung out with the kids. I tried to take some time away from the garden to relax with my family and the weeds snuck up on me but it was worth it.

The girls had a dress up and 'show' for us to watch. Very entertaining.

We went to a nice sandy beach and chaos reigned until we fed them at a restaurant where the one waitress looked a little overwhelmed as all 16 of us entered.

My sister Jennifer reading (10 cousins) everyone a bedtime story.

Maetia and Keira

Here is Eli at work with a ball and anything else he can find to throw, hit or jump onto.