Thursday, September 17, 2009

Growing older with Summer

We ended up building a larger sandbox with great playing sand and Eli has stopped eating it, for the most part.

Our kiddie pool got a hole in it and the kids improvised for most of the summer. We spent at least 3 afternoons a week at my parent's house (with a pool).

A good friend of ours invited us to their cottage on a lake. We were able to take the kids out in the canoe which we have never done, having no canoe and some little babies. Maetia is proud to wear a life jacket and be in a real 'manoo on a lake'.

Eli sat almost as still in the canoe as he does in the tractor. It calmed my nerves a little to watch him be so relaxed.

We got 2 fish for our first "pets". According to Maetia, Drake and Violet don't count because they were not her official pets. Their names were Georgia and Sarah, and later another Sarah. Second Sarah is gone again and we are just sticking with Georgia until the winter when we have to bring her inside, then Maetia says Violet might eat her! The first death was a little traumatic but maybe due to the chickens we have had to 'process' (slaughter), Maetia seems okay with pet death for now.

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