Sunday, October 11, 2009


As we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving this afternoon with my NS family members, I am reminded what I am thankful for.
Right now, it is for a sleeping baby and a husband who has a cold, worked all day yesterday but chooses to bake pink cupcakes with his daughter.
I am thankful for a house to live in, dishes to cook with and a stove to cook it on. We have been trying not to get hopeful, to hold our breath or to anticipate living with a functioning normal kitchen. It is almost done, after 10 months without a finished ceiling, walls, 4 months of makeshift kitchen, 1 1/2 months of a 2 foot high sink/counter.
I am thankful for the 2 day/1 night away from it all with my husband. We went to a wedding where we remembered how to relax, really laugh, eat slowly, and remember why we married each other. Michael has been working non-stop on our house all summer and I haven't had a break from the kids or the garden. We have been busy and hardly had time to catch our breath. It makes you wonder if it is all worth it, but we are so engulfed in it right now, that we don't have much choice. I loved every bit of our 'getaway'.
I am thankful for the life I didn't plan or expect. Living in my very small hometown married to a man from away. Vegetable farming and raising poultry. Renovating a house flip and falling in love with it. Being a mother. Lately our children are loving us back in a way that we didn't expect would happen. Maetia will rub my arm when we are sitting and reading and Eli will kiss me out of the blue. I love it and I thank God for all of it, even the screaching, fighting, marking on the walls days.
Here is a photo of our children being 'helpful' while we put in the wood.

I am in the process of figuring out Picassa for the third time so that I can post some albums so there are more than 4 pictures at a time. This will be a better way to share the farm, renovations and our ever changing and beautiful children.