Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merciful Heavens

So, I am pregnant for the second time and they say you get bigger than the first time. I am definitely bigger. I look like I have a soccer ball in my stomach. Not a basketball yet, but definitely on the verge. I didn't really mind being bigger because the baby is healthy and I am feeling good so I wasn't too worried about the size. But lately everyone has an opinion on my belly. This bothers me because last pregnancy a lot of strangers told me I was too small and was I eating enough? They touched my stomach and gave me their opinion on the gender. This time it is even worse. In one day I had one woman tell me I was carrying a boy because I was just all baby and in the same hour another woman told me it was a girl because I had put on weight everywhere. Excuse me? Do I know you? Do you know how much I have gained or what I looked like before? No. Please keep your opinions to yourself. Yesterday in the mall I was Christmas shopping, tired and sore. A woman at the cash says when is your baby due? I said in the middle of February. "Merciful Heavens!!" she cries, "I thought you must be having a Christmas baby". Thanks, that is nice. What am I supposed to say? I didn't say much. What is it about women who have had babies and should remember how big you feel when you are pregnant. They are the ones who make comments, not men or boys, women just like you who should know better.
Enough venting about that. We are doing well here in Nova Scotia and enjoying extremely unseasonal cold weather. We picked our Christmas tree from the woods and got a little too excited. We got home and realized it won't fit in the door or in the stand. It might need some trimming or it might need to stay out on the deck. Here are some photos of Maetia and of the house Michael just put up.