Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Bed

This summer Eli and Maetia gave up their soothers at the same time. It was very hard for both children and adults for about a week but well worth it in the end. While this seemed to be sign that they were growing up, we weren't ready to move Eli to a 'big boy' bed just yet. Unfortunately, just after Christmas, he figured out how to escape all other options and we didn't want any serious falls so we decided to make the move. Maetia liked it because it meant she got a bigger bed with Teddy bear drawers (hand me down from her cousins) and Eli liked the idea of jumping on his own bed. This video gives you an idea of the small size of their rooms, their favourite toys, and best of all their fashion sense.

When Michael gets home from work....

Grandpa and Eli playing Sjoelbak

Friday, January 22, 2010

Vancouver Aquarium

We watched the baby beluga being born online through YouTube and we sing the Raffi song a lot so seeing a Beluga in person was a highlight of the trip for Maetia.
Also, allowing them to experience ancient/giant trees was great for us even if it was just for a short walk in Stanley Park. We certainly don't have trees like that in Nova Scotia anymore.


We had a really good trip to British Columbia to visit Grandma and Grandpa Contant. We were also able to see Michael's Grandmother who came up from Washington, and enjoy a meal with most of his mother's side of the family. We had the nativity story read to us in the barn with the DeGroot family with family pictures and good conversation. We were able to connect with great friends from when we lived in the area, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium and watched Grandpa make cookies (Spekulas) from his father's Dutch bakery molds. We had a nice evening meal with Michael's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin and best of all we were able to spend time together as a family within one household, and even had some conversation in the evening when the kids were in bed!! Despite the flu passing through the house, everyone remained mostly in good spirits. The kids had lots of time together playing games, painting, bathing, screaming, etc.
We are so thankful for the time we had together reconnecting and hope it doesn't take another 4 years to get back to BC. This trip reminded us of how very thankful we are for family and helped us to be even more thankful for the family that we do have living close by.

Monday, January 4, 2010

early in December

We got our tree very early this year so we could enjoy it at home before we went on our trip to BC and came home to it dried up on the floor. (It actually lasted a lot longer than we thought!) We did some baking, visiting, and playing in the snow, all before getting ready for our big trip.

The chickens don't like cold feet but got used to it eventually.

We are enjoying the snow more this year than last. The kids are old enough to realize it is fun and not just cold and wet. Eli also is better at holding onto the sled instead of falling out when I go fast for Maetia!

The kids were extremely helpful in putting up the tree. I know Michael appreciated it (and me letting them).


This month was filled with lots of last minute gardening, cleaning up the yard/barn area, and fixing the outside of the house. I have Christmas photos but thought I should post these first.

Here you can see our dining room after the new window is in and the walls are ready for insulation.

Here you can see some of our new counter and cupboards.

Here is our niece Keira in our dining room before the walls came down.

Eli had a phase of loving his bicycle helmet and wearing it everywhere (even in the grocery store!).