Monday, January 4, 2010

early in December

We got our tree very early this year so we could enjoy it at home before we went on our trip to BC and came home to it dried up on the floor. (It actually lasted a lot longer than we thought!) We did some baking, visiting, and playing in the snow, all before getting ready for our big trip.

The chickens don't like cold feet but got used to it eventually.

We are enjoying the snow more this year than last. The kids are old enough to realize it is fun and not just cold and wet. Eli also is better at holding onto the sled instead of falling out when I go fast for Maetia!

The kids were extremely helpful in putting up the tree. I know Michael appreciated it (and me letting them).


Chloe said...

Love to see tidbits of your life. Thanks. Hope you had a wonderful time in BC.

saravan said...

Love the new pictures and the updates on you and your kidlings. I think about you and Michael often and hope that you are well. Glad you had a good time in BC over the holidays!