Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We can't get enough of him

Eli turned 6 months this month. He is already a half year old. Time flies when you are busy growing. He is an amazing little boy and we love him so much. He has already mastered crawling, sitting and much to Michael's delight, saying "Dada". He is a very rough and tumbly boy with lots of smiles and shrieks. I first had to mourn the sweet smelling poopy diapers because he started some solid foods but now he is completely weaned and his diapers are no fun, not even with cloth.
Eli has been a beautiful blessing in our lives and although we are busier, we couldn't be happier.

Outside with a hat

Bathtub fun

Together at the cottage for a party to celebrate his baptism

Inside with a hat (cold in our house!)



Michael has been working hard at fixing up our place. He recently put in a timber frame in between the kitchen and living room. While preparing the wall for the timber, he found shavings for insulation (not so fire retardant!), a sardines can and some papers from the Sunday School teacher in 1952. It looks great, way to go Michael!!


We thought we would back up a bit since we haven't blogged in a while. We were able to get away for a few days and go camping as a family. Well, we will call it camping although not much time was spent at the 'camp'. We had a great walk-in tent site with lots of good food and toys/activities galore. We were prepared for rain, sun, wind and no sleep. We were not prepared for the layer of mosquitoes that covered our children within minutes of arriving. We spent most of the time in the tent with the kids while the other person made the food or went to the bathroom. We made up for it by spending two whole days outside on the beach and went on some really good hikes. When the forecast was 'rain and then a damp day following', we decided to pack it in. We left early in the morning and made it home before lunch. We went up to the cottage and unpacked and cleaned up and put cream on the children's swollen heads. That night we had a bugfree fire on the beach and a restful (as restful as you get with two little ones) sleep.

Waking up in the tent

Silly Maetia at the cottage

Eli and I snuggling on the beach with the Mobywrap

Maetia playing in the sand

Eli loves his jolly jumper so much. He gets a lot of height!