Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We can't get enough of him

Eli turned 6 months this month. He is already a half year old. Time flies when you are busy growing. He is an amazing little boy and we love him so much. He has already mastered crawling, sitting and much to Michael's delight, saying "Dada". He is a very rough and tumbly boy with lots of smiles and shrieks. I first had to mourn the sweet smelling poopy diapers because he started some solid foods but now he is completely weaned and his diapers are no fun, not even with cloth.
Eli has been a beautiful blessing in our lives and although we are busier, we couldn't be happier.

Outside with a hat

Bathtub fun

Together at the cottage for a party to celebrate his baptism

Inside with a hat (cold in our house!)



Jill said...

Do I see teeth starting inside Eli's mouth? He looks like a sweetie.

Gramma Sue said...

You are ALL huggable! Dad told me about your latest conversation. Sorry to have missed hearing your voice. XOXO

Mike and Laura said...

Yes, he has two teeth which he got at 5 months and is currently working on a few more! Kind of crazy considering Maetia didn't get any until she was almost one year old!