Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At rest

Two weeks ago I ended my CSA season. It was really nice to be done and yet kind of sad too. I stayed at my sister's house in PEI after Thanksgiving for an extra 4 days which I couldn't have done if I was delivering. Then I cleaned and organized my house which is already a disaster but it felt nice for a few days. We are getting accustomed to the new routine of Mama not leaving and although I like being in the garden, I also like to be in my pajamas until almost noon. We have been heading out for walks or bike rides while the weather holds up. Fall in Nova Scotia is amazing and this year our colours were spectacular again! My father helped me deliver on our last week because I doubled up the baskets (to be finished by THanksgiving)and my truck wasn't big enough. It was nice to have him help me bring the heavy, squash filled baskets up into some of the buildings and introduce him to everyone. It makes you realize that not all buildings are handicapp accessible. Ramps and automatic doors should be madatory!
For the last week, I let customers choose what items they wanted for storage. I had apples, pears, potatoes, carrots, squash, and turnips. I did this to see if next season, it could work to let them choose each week what they want in their box. Some CSA's do this and I commend them. Some people put in their order right away but others waited until the day before and some didnt' even get back to me. It was a nightmare and way too much to keep track of (for me) each week. I was going to go to a conference in Ontario about starting a new CSA but now I think we are going to New Brunswick to visit two different CSA's there and pick those farmer's brains to see how I can improve. I will take any and all advice. But for now, the garlic is planted, the plants are composting and I am really looking forward to spending more time at home as the garden is at rest.

Here is Drake and I before we loaded the squash and pumpkins on the truck

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Jill said...

My dad in NY has been cleaning out his garden of several acres and just filled the back of his pickup truck with apples that he gleaned from a local orchard. He's going to make cider. These last few years I've been gardening vicariously through the gardeners that I know.