Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Land Preservation

Yesterday I was able to attend a conference about preserving agricultural land in my (Kings)County. We had 3 different speakers who each spoke about the Land Trusts that they work with in their areas. Two were from Ontario and one was from Massachusetts. All of them had different perspectives and it was very informative.
Thinking about solutions for our area and talking about preservation reminded me of a Land Trust that I worked with during my time at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Ontario. A close friend and I worked extensively on a project making maps with a (ArcView) program to identify areas of significant interest. The trust we worked with was the Kwartha Heritage Conservancy. This is the only Land Trust in Canada that currently works to protect both natural and agricultural lands together. In Nova Scotia we have the Nature Trust and a pioneer has just begun what is called the Heliotrust (for agricultural land) but nothing significant working together. While in Ontario, I learned a lot about preserving land and I decided that I would like to eventually get a job with a land trust. Four years later, I am doing something different than that but being there yesterday reminded me that I have other interests (although similar) and it encouraged me to be involved in all, not just one of these passions.

Here are pictures of our kids because I know that is why you read this blog.

Maetia's new face

Maetia and I reading

Eli is learning to pull up and sit on his knees

Grandma on Skype

Eli in Drake's bed.

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anne said...

Hi guys!
Yes, lets skype soon!
We miss you guys too. Ella was talking about Maetia a few days ago. They remember our time together this summer!
Hope you are all well-