Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Snow

We just lost all the snow we had from 2 weeks ago. A really nice big snowfall gave us snow to play in but now the rain has taken it away. Considering it is only the beginning of December, I am counting on getting more in the future and buying Eli and Maetia a larger sled for Christmas.

Our front door. Maetia helped Daddy shovel us out. Eli helped mummy dig out the winter boots and mittens!

Maetia loving the snow for the first time. There was running, stomping, jumping and no crying!!

Eli feels indifferent about it. Seems like he is wondering what keeps touching his face.

Maetia pulling Eli in the sled. Good sharing Maetia!!


Chloe said...

What fun. I am ready for a big snow like that. We've only had dustings now and again that melt with a warm sun.

Gramma Sue said...

Mmmm ... we hear that right now Halifax us getting dumped with snow and we can't help wonder if you are having more fun in the white stuff. Wow, does it pile up by your door. Maetia -- you're such a great big sister for giving Eli a ride on the sled. Love and hugs to all of you! Grandma & Grandpa