Thursday, December 25, 2008

Almost a shocking Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Christmas here passed relatively quietly and peacefully. Our kids are getting over the stomach flu mixed with bad cough/cold so they have been a bit extra tired and cranky and to be honest, so have we. We decided to open a few gifts on Monday because we had a snowstorm and couldn't get outside to play and Michael couldn't get to work. This made today less hectic; we made it on time to church after having french toast for breakfast, showers and some more gifts!! Maetia doesn't really believe in Santa and was wondering what all the fuss was about but I think she gets it now. Jesus birthday=presents for Maetia and Eli.
We tried not to over do the gifts and she is actually really happy with the few things we did get her. Eli doesn't care but loves the paper and boxes.
We had a nice day together and then went to my parents to have a big meal with the whole family. Almost all 10 grandchildren running around and playing gets pretty loud but is wonderful all the same.
Our lives flashed before our eyes on the way to church this morning, as we both realized we were driving over a downed power line at the same time as we were going over it. My heart didn't stop pounding (out of my chest) until we arrived at church about 15 minutes later. Maybe this isn't dangerous at all, but the thought of all of us dying in the car right then was almost too much for me. It reminded me that we have to figure out our will and decide who will care for our children if we both passed on at the same time. It also made the service about Peace and Reassurance in Jesus all the more real and precious. The singing during church on Christmas is always beautiful and the dutch songs we sang sounded even sweeter today.
We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus a few times today too and had some cake for him. Thanks for coming Jesus.

Christmas here always reminds us of our Christmas year in Australia. Last week Michael and I were able to go on an actual date which we haven't really done in long time. So long in fact that while we were at the movies ('Australia'), we were trying to remember when we had been to a movie together. I had seen 'Mama Mia', he had seen 'Dark Knight', not together. We decided it was when the 'Lord of the Rings' came out (the third one we think) and we waited in line on Boxing day in the hot sun in Australia. This was in 2004, four years ago!!! Seems like yesterday... well the trip there maybe not the date.
Enjoy our photos, more to come and hopefully some movies since we got a video recorder to Christmas!! Thanks Mum, Dad, Mom and Dad!! love you all

True Love

Same size, hard to hold!

Maetia and Eli helping Daddy with our tree

Eli and cousin Erik

Maetia in her 'fort'

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