Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween Grinch?

I might be the grinch of Halloween because although I didn't steal it, I did make it a little less fun for some people. I passed out healthy treats. Kind of funny considering I remember the exact people that did that to me when I was young (and didn't like it), but I did it. I really don't like a holiday that celebrates something that we at all other times of the year forbid. Is candy really necessary? Does it not cause cavities on Halloween? I also don't like the 'scary' aspect of it. I tried to get Maetia excited about dressing up in a costume but everytime we went somewhere she kept seeing a witch or ghost and was perplexed by them and started to be afraid of them too. I told her they were just silly people with green faces or googly eyes but she was scared. We did carve pumpkins together which was fun. Maetia requested one with it's tongue sticking out and one with the first letters of her and Eli's name. In the end she saw her cousins all dressed up and she wanted to do it too. It was great to have my sister from PEI and her kids there for the fun too. At one point, there were 4 princesses, Maetia being one of them. This is not what I would have chosen for my daughter's costume considering I am sort of anti princess but I digress.... she had a lot of fun. Eli was good sport, kind of wondering what the fuss was all about. So it wasn't so bad, I dressed up in a long embroidered dress and we didn't see too many witches that night. Maetia didn't really even notice when we took her candy away after a few days.

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