Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Farm name

We are only 4 days from going to the market for the first time as a primary producer, not selling for someone else, but my own stuff!! Unfortunately due to the cold spring we are experiencing, there is not a lot to sell. I am planning to collect edible wild plants like fiddle heads and make some bouquets out of pussywillows and dogwood. I do have a little bit of lettuce and arugula so that will have to be good enough for this week. It is really all about exposure for myself and to pass out my CSA survey (thanks Dan!). There are two very experienced vegetable growers that will be there with at least 20 different varieties of vegetables, so it is hard to compete. I am hoping that by showing my face and my interest in local agriculture, I will eventually get a clientel that I can depend on and hope to sell straight from the farm. Michael is going to take Maetia and help me until she gets tired and then will go home. We are transporting our tent, table and produce on our new truck. The Nissan 'Wave' is a little light weight truck that we bought from my Opa (thanks Opa!!) and it should have a little more room than the Toyota Corolla. The main reason for this blog is to get some feedback about our farm name. We have struggled for a year with this and still have nothing. It isn't even like we have to have a name right away, but we thought it would be nice. I wanted something with my father's farm name (Annashoeve), and my uncle's farm where we lived (Foote Family Farm). Other than naming it Annas' Foote, I haven't come up with much. There is a stream on the land, but it has no name. I found that Anavah means gentleness in Greek which I liked but got no response from my family on that one. I was also thinking of Linley Farms, or Linley Acres. Linley is a woman whose two sons were so good to us when we lived in Australia. It also sounds somewhat like Lyn which is my middle name. Any ideas? We would love to hear from you. Here are some pictures too because we know that is why you really are looking at our blog, but who could blame you.


mjc said...

Dear Michael, Laura and Metia,
Glad you are ready to go to market with produce. Record the event with a camera, every sucessful business has a first opening, that is usually humble and small. When you produce is shipped nation-wide as a recognized organic name, you will remember this first day!
As to names, I think you can go a lot of different ways: identification with you as a person, or geographic location or a fictious name. Hope your first day at market will be a great experience. The pics of Maetia are wonderful. We can't wait to see her!
Love from the West Coast.

Jewels said...

Your produce sounds wonderful. I can't wait to get outside and actually do some work on the farm! I like Anavah Acres (or Farm if you're not for the alliteration). Anavah has a peaceful sound to it.

I love the pictures of Maetia too. :)

Chloe said...

What about Annas Linley CSA? or Annas Linley Garden (unless that sounds too small, then maybe Annas Linley Farm)?

Gramma Sue said...

Living along with you as you prepare to set up your market stall on Saturday. I can only imagine your garden on your property. Must be lovely as the weather becomes warmer and fresh growth sprouts from the ground. I'm inclined towards "Anavah Acres". Enjoy your preparations. Take some pics! (of the acres and of the market experience, and of course of little Maetia -- we can't get enough of her!)
More love from the West Coast.

saravan said...

I think I'm with Julie and your mom on this one. I like "Anavah Acres" - both because I like how it sounds and because I like what it means. And, it kind of incorporates your family farm name, too.

How did the market go on Saturday?

...and, of course...cute kid! I like the look on her face in the pink hat one. Her eyes are beautiful!