Tuesday, May 22, 2007

time to relax

First it was my first market, and then a rally, now we can relax. The Young People in the CRC Maritime Provinces get together twice a year and take turns hosting what we call 'rallies'. We just hosted one and we are exhausted. There were 80 people at the camp and Michael and I planned and co-ordinated the three day weekend. Our theme was taking care of God's creation. We did different activities like a beach clean up, visiting elderly people and planting trees. It rained for most of the weekend but the kids were good sports and we had a lot of fun.
My first market last weekend went really well. I made a small profit and met many different people. The question I was asked the most was "Who are you?". I wished I had an answer. Thank you so much for your responses to our blog about our farm name. I forgot to mention that the land where I am planting most of the veggies has this strange rock in it. It is black and lightweight. It looks similar to Obsidian, so I thought I could go with Obsidian farm but Michael laughed and said that it sounds like obscene. I can't name it something too descriptive of what I am selling because that is bound to change. I also can't name it something that describes the area because we might not always farm there, (that is another story). Right now, I am really liking Anavah Acres, which is Hebrew, not Greek like I said it was. Also, I apologize to my family because some of them did give me feedback and I grouped them all together and said they didn't.
Maetia is doing well. She is growing and changing all the time. We wish we had high speed internet so we could put videos onto the blog. She is a really funny little girl. She has learned to crawl up and down the stairs safely. She is eating better now and gaining more weight too. Horray!! She is very vocal and has many words that are quite clear. Her favourite word is Daddy which means: mummy, daddy, man, opa, water and look at that. She only says mummy when she is hungry, but I can understand that. She is currently getting all four top teeth at the same time. Needless to say, those herbal tablets that Anne Contant recommended are my best friend. We can see all of her first teeth just sitting in her gums, ready to come out, even the molars. She is going to the Asthma and Allergy specialist tommorow so we are hoping to have some more answers on what she can and can't eat, hopefully some ideas to get her to eat more and hopefully they will tell me I can take her off her medication soon and give it a try.
We are having a late frost her tonight so I am worried about my little plants that are barely covered. Hopefully this is the last one. We are also putting a deck onto our cottage. Our back yard is full of mud and water because there was a stream running under the house that we found when putting in the retaining wall.
We are having trouble posting photos so we will try again tommorow.

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Gramma Sue said...

A time to plant, a time to harvest, a time to sell, a time be Mommy & Daddy, a time to care for God's creation with 80 young people, ... a time to 'breathe out!' May God bless you with times of replenishment.

PS What's this about a stream running under the house? Don't float away!