Tuesday, May 22, 2007

photos to go

Here is my land that I am planting on. It has floating row cover on the sensitive stuff.

My table at the market, the wave in the background

Maetia and I at the market

Maetia loves this toy, it plays music and blows air in her face and she gets to stand up all at once!

She choses cars and trucks over dolls every time.


Gramma Sue said...

Dear Maetia-
Say hi to the specialist and tell him/her to take good care of you. Gramma says so!

Joel said...

Nice to get a glimpse of what's going on in your lives...That child has got to be good for business!

spain dad said...

Maetia is so cute! I can't get over it.

Anyway, thought you should know we bought Alleke her first tractor and firetruck at a garage sale a few days ago. Fun fun!

And the baby makes 3 said...

That toy is the best! We received it as a hand-me-down and kids love it! The noises it makes are a bit annoying, but also part of the fun! Interesting to know that Maetia loves it too!