Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here are some recent pictures that we would love to share

This is the painting Michael did for our Doula, Rosella Hutten.

This is Maetia's favourite 'toy'

Just lounging around

Maetia and Daddy kissing

Maetia in her new chair. She has a little trouble getting in but no trouble jumping out.

This is our new dog Red whom we have renamed "Drake".

Already sharing their water.

Silly girl with silly hair.


Gramma Sue said...

Such a sweet little one. Love the 'silly hair' and the tender kiss with Daddy!

Danoudperk said...

Great pictures. Crazy, one year! Drake looks like an awesome dog. We are thinking of getting one, once we get on the farm. A dog that can defend lettuce plants, know of any?