Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today (like almost everyday), Maetia travelled in the car. We headed to the Osteopath after we dropped Michael off at work. This was our third visit and hopefully our last. It looks like she has done all the work that needs to be done. Re-aligning her spine, decompressing her sacrum and releasing the pressure on the right side of her brain were the main focuses at each consecutive visit. The doctor moved her fingers around on her head and I held her while she looked at me and sometimes smiled, sometimes cried. The doctor has said that she will no longer have breathing problems, digestive problems and will begin to use the left side of her body more. These are things I assumed were just how babies were. Colic, constipation, and asthma. I thought we had a future using medicines that I wasn't sure how I felt about giving to her in the first place. Could it really work? Could she be all better? It sounds too good to be true but the more I have met with Sarah Hayes and learned about Osteopathy, the more I realize how complex this form of medicine. I do trust and believe that it is at least making her much more comfortable even if she doesn't get completely better.
We also made a trip in our car to the Valley Cloth Diaper Company. This is where we have bought all our diapers, except the ones we found second hand or that very kind people gave to us. We bought one new kind called Kissaluvs and we love it already. Very comfy and soft. We also bought a new wrap/plastic pant that is made of fleece. It seems Maetia is going to like textures just like her mother and Grandma Contant. Whether she wants to or not, she is experiencing them all day, so the least I can do is make it a good experience.
The rest of the day Maetia spent time travelling in her three other favourite styles and we have pictures to prove it.

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