Tuesday, February 20, 2007

little joys

Maetia brings a smile to my face each day. Lately our days are consumed
with teething: mouths full of fists and many tears but there is still time for some giggles.

She has learned to enjoy the sled now that we finally have some snow!

Bath time is our favourite time of the day. Maetia loves water of any sort and lets us lay her down on her back and float. She just recently started bathing alone and seems to enjoy her independance but her wiggling makes her mama nervous.


saravan said...

I think you're right. For some reason this works - it's more instant I think and it feels more day to day instead of feeling like a 6 month summary.

And although teaching is in larger numbers, there is a different structure at school - and at the end of a frustrating day, the kids go home one way and I get to go another. There is great opportunity there for grace to grow. Days like today make it easy. I had some great moments with my "troublemakers". It makes loving them so much more worth the effort. I'm sure you get to experience those moments, too!

Maetia is adorable! I anticipate meeting her somewhere along the way, but for now will enjoying watching her grow via blog. :)

Danoudperk said...

Wow, that is scary with the horse. Good to see pictures and hear stories. We miss you guys.

Sonja & Paul said...

We love your blog!! It's so great to hear and see what's going on in your lives regularly.
Maetia obviously brings such joy to you both. Enjoy the giggles and the teething!

Mike and Laura said...

Paul and Sonja, do you have a blog? We miss you two so much! We are glad you like our blog. It seems like a nice way to spread pictures faster and to more people.