Thursday, February 8, 2007


Maetia stays warm and snugg in the backpack with Laura as they go out for their daily exercise and fresh air.


John said...

We can't wait to see all of you and give this little one a hug!!

Abril said...

very, very cute

we would love to keep going on walks here in iowa with alleke, but aren't quite sure how to bundle her up in the sub-freezing temps. any advice?

Mike and Laura said...

It might not be as cold here as I remember it to have been in Iowa but we certainly feel like it is and there are just some days when we don't go out. If the wind chill makes it more than -20 (Celcius) then we stay out of the wind or inside. We have a close fitting hat from LLBean and then a fleece snowsuit over that with her regular clothes underneath (undershirt, longsleeved shirt, sweater, pants, leggings, socks, boots). Over her fleece snow suit, I put a rainsuit or rainpants and a jacket. This is more because I don't have a windproof snowsuit and I couldn't find one second hand so I am getting more use out of these more versatile clothes. (I am cheap) I sometimes put her in the backpack with a blanket but I find she gets really sweaty if I do. Often I think she is plenty warm but I am just so worried. Mostly I worry about her cheeks so I tried a scarf but she pulls that off. I hope this helps a little. It sounds like you are keeping busy in Iowa. But I see you have a countdown to returning to Madrid, do you miss it? How have you found Alleke is adjusting to the changes?

Abril said...

yeah, alleke is adjusting ok. she did well coming here - i'm more worried about going back cause she be that much older (and opinionated :) ). just this week she's started noticing when mom and dad aren't around.

anyway, so far we've been doing the zip her up inside our coats method, which seems to work ok, but feels claustrophobic to me and i'd like her to be able to look around. it has been pretty cold here (below 0), so probably the best option. i also think we worry about her being cold more than she actually is.

Mike and Laura said...

Oh the phase of realizing that they are there own person is so wonderful and hard at the same time. It took Maetia awhile but once she realized we would return things were much better. I am always surprised at how well babies can adapt to new things. Almost better than adults in some cases.
I have been trying to look at your blog but it says there is an error that I can't access that website. Is that just my computer?
Thanks for the updates anyways, we love to see how she is changing and how the two of you are enjoying parenting.