Sunday, March 4, 2007


For the past week, we have smelled spring coming up through the ground. It is a nice feeling to walk outside and smell the earth again. Very refreshing and encouraging. Just when you think you might not be able to handle any more winter, spring arrives. Part of spring that we have learned about by living on the Bay is the chunks of ice (as large as cars) that are breaking off of shorelines and esturaries and drifting into the bay to eventually make their way out to the ocean. Or at least that is what we think is happening. Right now they are floating in the wrong direction but we believe it is because of the tidal impact and ocean currents.

There might be something in the water or in our genes but this little one is the final baby in the countdown of the VanHattem cousins to have a baby in the past year. There have been seven girls, this latest cutie is Madeline Grace.

This beautiful girl made my day and helped me celebrate my birthday by watching the moonrise and lunar eclipse with a great view from the shore.


Chloe said...

Seven girls! That's nuts. I guess we'll have to be sending Asher in the direction of NS in twenty years or so. :)

saravan said...

Good plan, Chloe. At least you'll know that Asher will have awesome in-laws!

And, Laura-bellabong-pants, you have just brought me to realize that I never turned my birthday calendar over to the month of March!

Happy Birthday!

Mike and Laura said...

Thanks Sarah for the compliment and for the birthday greetings. Chloe I know it is your birthday soon and I am going to guess the seventh, is that right? Definitely send Asher over. But of course I am biased as to his choice. All of the cousins are beauties but only one is the fairest of them all. Maetia VanHattem Contant DeJong Hilden has a nice ring to it.

saravan said...

I think you're right on the 7th...Chloe?

Danoudperk said...

Hey us too. Our good old Dutch blue calendar in the bathroom got stuck on Jan and Feb.
Good to see pictures of Mateia. We put pictures of our cat . . . so lame.
Spring is just around the corner. Already got tomatoes in the greenhouse!

Mike and Laura said...

I am impressed that you already have things in the greenhouse. Is it heated? We are still a little too cold at night here to put ours in. Posting your cat is just as cool as your baby don't worry. We love our cat but just love our baby more, now that we have her!!

saravan said...

It's okay. My next post will be of my car. It's not even alive. :(

I would post pictures of my students, but that's not really legal without their parents', car it is!

Mud On His Shoes said...

babys galore
hi guys thats a cute baby you got
please people don't start arranging marriages already

Mike and Laura said...

Hey! Good to hear from you Josh. We really like your blog of your art. Nice stuff, wow. And some of those students are good to eh? Well we won't arrange too many marriages just yet, besides we only deal in Canadian. haha
Keep your stuff coming!