Thursday, March 29, 2007


Thank you for your encouraging comments everyone. We really appreciate knowing that friends are reading our blog and sharing in our experiences. It makes us feel closer to all of you. We wish we were physically closer too!!
After much deliberation, we have decided to adopt a dog from the local animal shelter. Well it isn't so local. We have been looking around and there are not a lot of dogs in our immediate area so we had to extend our search region. We searched online and found a dog at the SPCA in Yarmouth. The last dog we had adopted, Ford, had been abused and all the love in the world could not stop him from eventually being aggressive and biting Michael. So we said the next dog we got would be a purebred. We hoped this way we would be more sure of its breed characteristics. We also said we would get a puppy because then we could train it and make sure it had not experienced any mistreatment or abuse. When the time came to really find a dog, we could not justify the cost of a purebred dog ($500-700) to a mixed breed who needed a home. We had been looking at the Nova Scotia Duck Toller breed as one of our options for purchase so when 'Red' came up for adoption, we decided to go take a look. Arriving at the shelter, we were met with meows and barking. We walked into the kennel where immediately 15 dogs begin to bark even louder and Maetia starts to cry. It was so hard to look at each of them and give them all treats and base our decision of who will have a new home on that two minute interaction. We wanted to take all of them!! Not to mention the 20 or so cats. So it was hard but we went with a purpose and after meeting Red and taking him for a walk, we decided to.... go home and think about it. So we drove back home for 2 1/2 hours with Maetia crying much of the way. How would you go to an adoption agency in say China and pick out a child to adopt? How would you actually choose the one you like the best when you don't know any of them? Michael said it is like choosing the personality you are going to deal with for the rest of your/its' life. I know a dog is not at all the same as a child but for these dogs, we are picking one that will have a good life, not a perfect life, but a good one and it is really hard to decide which one is guaranteed that. Red has a nice temperment. He is 7 months old and is a Duck Toller mix. He is very hyper but gentle with Maetia. He likes cats and water which we have at our house. He also has a bum leg, kind of like Max/Tripod (Eric's dog) but not as bad. We decided to adopt him because he was the one we felt the best connection with. We will send pictures when we get him. He is currently awaiting the dreaded neutering process.
Here are some photos of Maetia instead.

Dordt Poster child

She can go up but not down


saravan said...

Can I say adorable? Just thought you should know that today when I just wanted to smile, I visited here to see your little girl. She has beautiful eyes...and I love the look of discovery and exploring. My prayers for you as parents continue!

Danoudperk said...

Nice wrestling with the dog decision. As Julie and I are moving out to the farm in May, I am looking for a dog as well. Preferably, something that could protect the crops and chickens. Any suggestions?

Thanks for sharing. Check your blog often.

Sonja & Paul said...

Paul and I love to visit you via your blog and get updates about your lives. Not to mention see the great pics of Maetia. Are you going to organize her first birthday party soon?

Mike and Laura said...

As for the dog breeds, we have heard that the Great Pyrenese are excellent protectors of all farm animals. I found that having a dog on the farm, just being around doing his thing, kept the racoons away from the chickens and off the property. They might still get your garden. We have muskrats in our streams that eat the garden and so far I have heard that Jack Russell Terriers are the best for rodents and pests like that. Where we live everyone puts their chickens away at night. It is either the coyotes or racoons and last summer mine had their heads ripped right off so you want to protect them the best you can.

As for Maetia, we just celebrated her birthday tonight and we will have pictures up soon. Thanks for remembering and for looking at our blog. We miss you guys.