Thursday, March 4, 2010

More photos

Because I am finally sitting at the computer, putting off filing my taxes.... some more photos.

In case the earlier video didn't work we will show a photo. Eli moved into a big boy bed with relative ease. We still put a gate across his door for the days he tries to sneak out but mostly it has worked out well. He loves his 'Bob the Builder' sheets and the space to move around at night.

Maetia got a bike for her birthday last year but couldn't figure out the peddling (even with training wheels) so we salvaged this trike and it is working well on warm days in Winter.

Maetia and Eli love to paint and make pictures for the refrigerator door.

If you look closely you can see Eli with his green and yellow hat out in the wetland that surrounds our house. He loves it but has lost many mittens this year already!

Maetia and Janna= best friends and cousins


Chloe said...

The cousin picture is priceless.

saravan said...

Thanks for all the new updates and pictures. You are blessed indeed! I love "catching up".

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