Thursday, March 4, 2010

little Lainey

Here she comes, face up.

Beautiful mother and babe

Me enjoying Lainey at 2.5 weeks while trying to pay attention to my toddlers.

I guess I have been really busy trying to make meals and watch my niece Janna but thought I should post about being blessed with a new niece on February 13, 2010. Maybe it was because we are close or because we used to pretend to be twins but when I was in with my sister, trying to be helpful I had some strong memories and feelings. I had some contractions and nausea and had to sit down. Great coaching!! I made it for the most part though, to hold Amy's hand, cheering and was able to witness a true miracle. Lainey entering the world is something I will never forget. I love you Lainey. Great job Amy!!! A big baby (9.5lbs) and two weeks early. Those VanHattem's birth some big babies.