Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is here!

It is April and we are outside!! We love it so much. The last few days have been so amazing and so fun with the kids. Eli loves the dirt (to play in and eat) and Maetia is getting so good at playing and exploring. She recently discovered worms and thinks they are wonderful friends. Michael has been working for his old boss in the interim of being laid off from his regular work (due to the economic recession). We have been very thankful for this amount of work and having the opportunity to use his time for creating some art as well. One benefit to his current job is that they are renovating for some very wealthy people. I now fully understand and believe that 'one man's junk is another man's treasure'. We have been given: almost new kids hockey skates and helmet, mens winter coat, very nice kids toys and books, and cupboards to install in our house. We might even get the rest of the kitchen that they are renovating and not have to buy or build to renovate our own kitchen. This will save so much money!! The best 'treasure' was a new (to us) 8x10 deck. I have been wanting a deck so much but didn't want to ask Michael because we can't afford a luxury like this. We had just decided we would make a sitting area outside under some trees when along comes Michael home from work with a trailer loaded down with a deck. Not only are we going to stick this on the back of our house, but we are going to install a door so we can use the deck from inside the house and have a safe railing on it, for muddy days with the kids. I am so excited about all the great improvements on our home. We also borrowed a small backhoe/excavator from friends and dug 3 trenches to lay pipes so that the water will run more away from our house rather than inside our basement.
The very best thing about the nice weather besides letting my kids go crazy in the mud and grass, is that we let our chickens go free range in the backyard and they had a blast eating up the worms and bugs that we dug up when excavating. The kids had so much fun interacting with them and Drake was really good with them too. Here are some photos to enjoy (a few posts at a time) of our life in April.

Eli trying to get out when Michael is rototilling the garden.

Eli playing in the muddy garden, note large cheeks full of mud.

Maetia and Eli gardening

Michael, Maetia, Eli and Drake, balancing on our not yet stable deck.

This is Eli's latest feat, climbing the chair onto the stove!


Gramma Sue said...

Do I remember in some old blog post that Maetia said something like: "the worms are shy Mama" as you covered them with dirt! Oooo, wonderful memories are being made in 'this old house' with a nice 'new' deck to come!!

Chloe said...

Such fun to see and read about your spring adventures.

Danoudperk said...

I love your attitude of joy and contentment, Laura! And I love spring too. I bring Harper outside as much as possible where he rolls across the lawn (can't crawl yet) and tries to munch on leaves.