Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maetia is 3!!

Maetia had a birthday on April 7 and turned three years old. This is a big deal to us as she is growing up so quickly and no longer a baby but definitely a big girl. We still have our temper tantrums but we are all learning how to deal appropriately with our emotions! Maetia has become such a big helper in the past few months. She used to try and be a helper but wasn't really very helpful but lately she has really taken on the big sister role. She loves to get me things, put things away, wash, clean and 'take care of herself'. She is so social that each morning she begs me to go somewhere where there are other people. She has started going to daycare twice a week which she loves and packs her bag herself each morning. The best thing about daycare besides the crafts, songs and toys is that her best friend (and cousin), Janna is there. This past weekend we were able to go to PEI to celebrate Easter with my sister and her family. Maetia chanted the names of her other cousins the whole way there because she was so excited. The trip back is another story, another blog post....
Here are some photos of Maetia decorating her cake, riding her new bike, getting some dress up clothes from Oma and Opa and some of her faces. Part of being a big girl is loosing the soother at night and naptime but I haven't had the heart to take it completely away yet. She tells me she just loves it so much and loves to put her blankies to her nose with her soother and smell them and it is so nice!!!
One of these faces is her with her fingers in her mouth, a new habit that is taking over the soother (we think) and the other face is how quickly she can change her mood (when we tell her to take the fingers out).

Maetia is so sweet. The day after her birthday we had a party planned. Eli was up early throwing up and when he threw up into my ear, then down my shirt, I told her to get the phone. I thought I would call my mum to see if I should cancel the party. Maetia listened to our conversation and when I was done I realized that I had a towel in my hand and was wiping myself, Eli and the phone off. When I asked her where it came from she said, "I got it for you mummy because you are all yucky and you need to get cleaned up". She is so sweet and cuddly, we love you Maetia!!


Chloe said...

So fun. Happy Birthday, Maetia!

saravan said...

I love the details. Thanks, Laura! I'm glad your "little" girl is such a great blessing!