Sunday, July 15, 2007


Walking into the bank has never felt so exciting or fulfilling. Last Thursday I delivered two boxes from my CSA to the Royal Bank of Canada. This is a bank which neither Michael or I were happy with so we switched to the Credit Union. Fortunately for us my friend's mother works there and she and a friend had signed up for a weekly box of veggies each. As I handed over the boxes and all the people in the bank stared at me, they also looked into the box and now I have three more subscribers. Nothing beats in person, fresh, honest, advertising.
This spring at the market, I meekly passed out a little paper about what a CSA is and what I was doing. I hoped to get 10 people and now I have almost 25!! I am feeling overwhelmed but very excited too. This summer we also decided to take on another market which is about one hour away. This market is small but has no vegetable vendors. We figured this would be a good way to compare markets and sell rid of all my extra produce. Now we are finding that some weeks, I have to buy stuff from other people just to meet the demand. The problem with this is that I am doing alot of running around and only making half the money because I am buying other farmer's products. It is something that we just might have to do for this season now that we have committed to the markets. So far the bugs and weeds are under control (barely). We have 2 very special people coming this Friday to visit and we hope they will be as excited about weeding as I am. I know we are excited to see them as it has been almost one year since they have been here. We show Maetia her Grandma and Grandpa every day on the fridge and though she can't say their names, she recognizes them. We can't wait to see you!!
Michael is really enjoying his work and just returned from Peace River, Alberta. They put up a home that was 2500 sq.feet and the owner called 'cozy'. We call it huge. Maetia is growing and is finally weighing in at 18 lbs. We still are not able to switch her seat around even though she is 15 months old. She is finally sleeping through the night and can point to her body parts and say many words. She is so funny and tries to tickle us and tease us. She is not walking yet but can scoot extremely fast. Her cloth diapers are working better now that she has some weight on her thighs and we can just let her go in the diaper without pants because it is so warm here. We are loving the cool ocean breeze and sounds of waves each night as we lay in bed. This is a blessed summer so far. If only we could fit in some camping. Here are some photos of our summer with Maetia.


Chloe said...

How fantastic! What wonderful news about your CSA. I am so excited for you. I love the picture of Maetia sitting at the beach. A treasure. Thanks for the update.

Gramma Sue said...

As you posted this, we were worshipping at Terrace CRC! It was amazing to take in Brianna's wedding, plus the Terrace family reunion. I am so very grateful. Can't wait to babysit, to hoe in the garden, to help with deliveries and to enjoy some conversations (some deck time!)and make memories again with our kids and grandkids! ('Good on ya' with the personal advertising at the bank!)Hugs, kisses and tickles to Maetia. Can't wait to see you Friday!! Love, Mom