Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well my garden is growing at a rate that I can't seem to keep up with. It is not just the veggies that are growing or the weeds, it is also the bugs. They are breeding and growing at a speed that is a bit out of control. I currently have Flea beetle on all my Brassicas (Kale, Brocolli, etc.) and the Cucumber beetle on all my Curbits (squash, cucumber etc.). After some time, I decided to spray the cucumber beetle with an oranic spray called Trounce. Basically it is the most mild and least harmful way I could control them. It makes them sick and hopefully die and stop breeding. I did not want to spray at all but years of other farmers in the area growing mass amounts of these plants has encouraged the bugs. Anyways, I am going to try and control it organically and then if this doesn't work, there are other options. These options are: basically loose my crop or spray synthetic pesticides. What is the better choice? For me it depends on my day. Right now, I am frustrated that companion planting, and collecting and monitoring the pests didn't work. I am realistic enough to know I need a crop. But if I spray, I have to tell all my customers, and that will slow down my market and make me frustrated in my growing inability. Well this is farming I guess and I am in it. Yes, I am and I have 8 members of my farm already!!! Michael and I are really excited. I spread the word that I would be doing a trial CSA for 10 weeks instead of 20 and that if it went well I would get a greenhouse and try it for 16-20 weeks next year. Word is spreading and people are looking for ways to get local produce so this seems to be good timing for us as a farm. Timing is everything isn't it?
Look how time is flying for this little girl.......


Chloe said...

Wow! It's so awesome that you already have members for your farm. How exciting. I am sorry to hear that you have bug problems, we did too and we ended up spraying even though I really didn't want to. Of course it worked, but I still feel guilty. I hope you are able to find a control method that supports your organic standards and still provides a crop.

Gramma Sue said...

The struggle to find a balance. Praying for a balance in nature and a great crop yield. I can picture Maetia some day writing a poem like this. Love, Mom


Buggy buggies
Come to me
For I'll find a home for you.

It will not be cold
It will not be hot
It will be moist.

It will be not too hot
and not too cold.
For I will be nice to bugs.

We don't mind bugs here.
There's no vegetables we don't grow.
We already have food to sell.

We cannot be angry for bugs.

Good bye bugs.
I'll see you later.

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Abril said...

sorry to hear about the bugs. just wanted to let you know though that reading this post made me smile - I'm so proud of you and all the hard work you are putting into making this farm happen. it really warms my heart and makes me praise God. Way to GO!!!

Jewels said...

It was so good to talk with you last night! Dan and I would love to come visit you guys - we'll have to see what the future holds!