Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maetia's Birthday

On April 7th we celebrated Maetia's fourth birthday!! Michael said it really makes him feel old that he will be turning 30 this year and has a four year old child. Maetia has been such a blessing in our lives. She is creative and thoughtful. She is a wonderful sister to Eli and says the sweetest things to us each day. She is playful and talkative at home but quite shy in public. We are finding it takes her awhile to feel comfortable in new situations or when everyone is looking at her. She joined a gymnastics session and then a short dance class this year. She also has gone twice a week to Preschool, all of which we think has helped her learn to follow rules, directions and act appropriately among her peers. Her favourite things to do are to dance like a ballerina, dress up and play house. She loves everything pink and sparkling, which is the one way that she is very unlike her mother.
Pretty typical of a young girl, although we think she is very special and unique of course. We love you Maetia!!

Maetia and Oma (Maetia is wearing and loving her new dress from Grandma)

Maetia was upset when everyone sang Happy Birthday and then we had to get Eli to blow out her candles but she recovered when she got to eat one of Michael's horsey cupcakes.

Maetia loves to wear her bathing suit inside and pretend to swim. She also loves having pony tails in her hair (so does Eli).

Maetia showing me her skills on the swinging bar at Eli's Kinderskills class.


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