Monday, June 22, 2009

Time out

Lately we have had to put Maetia in quite a few time outs. She has been very cranky and not listening. It could be that she is upset that we have been paying extra attention to Eli lately with all the ear infections, or that she misses her mama and daddy while she is at daycare. It could be that she really does have a sore stomach and eating wheat free is not the answer, or it might just be a phase. I am not too strict as a mom and I try not to freak out when there is a spill or straight up disobedience. Besides the whining giving me a headache, I actually find it amusing. Maetia told me yesterday that she had to mark on all her dolls faces and bodies because she didn't want anyone to feel left out. She also said that the markers told her that they didn't need the covers on them because they felt squished. She has also been teaching Eli how to get into the craft closet, find the markers and mark all over everything. She told me that it was okay that she marked on him because he likes it and "I think he must be feeling better now mamma!".

Here is how I found Maetia one day after having 'quiet time' instead of a nap that she didn't want.

Here is the evidence

More evidence. Maetia told me with a smile on her face that she painted Eli.

Here is Eli mad at me because Maetia is in time out and he can't get to her.

Here are my beautiful children on a good day (hour, minute, moment) playing outside in the lupins.


Chloe said...

Not that I really think it's just me, but sometimes it feels that way - thanks for a reminder that all moms deal with obedience issues. It is a struggle for us lately too and I find it terribly draining to find the balance between getting an obedient response and not having to raise my voice. If only righteousness came naturally.

Sue Contant said...

This grandmother read with amazement and found a smirk on my face. So many memories were pulled from the corners of my mind. Thanks for the journey into parenting young ones. Wisdom is needed no matter what age your children! Love you all.

saravan said...

Love the new pictures - and the stories that let me in on your adventure. Glad to hear Eli's surgery went okay. I hope he is healing quickly and well.