Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthdays and bird fights

Eli turned one year old on March 3. We missed posting it because we have been busy, busy with sick kids, and fighting chickens. We had a really great day and managed to avoid too much chicken/egg loss and still have cake. Although he wasn't that interested in the cake due to prementioned flu symptoms, he did get a truck and some books, and also enjoyed his wrapping paper. He is starting to walk and mimick our words, so sometimes he says things that sound ALOT like "Thankyou" and "OPA".
It just so happens that March 3 is also be my birthday. Last year on my birthday, I gave birth. Sounds nice? It was, really really nice. I have amazing memories of his birth, the moments after, and the rest of that day while we were still in dreamy/adrenaline rush mode. This year was different but still really great. I didnt' just have a birthday, I turned 30. When I turned 25, I was upset because I felt like travelling in Australia was fun but I still didn't have a career or complete life plan. I felt like it snuck up on me. This year I welcomed the 30's into my life. I am excited to move forward and grow with my husband and children. I still don't have a career or life plan but I have realized that this life that I have is going to change all the time and plans are everchanging for a reason. Thank you Eli for coming and changing our lives for the better, you are the most amazing little boy!!

Kissing Michael through the window into the playroom

Climbed in the tub with his clothes on

Not to be outdone, we love Maetia just as much, here she is dressing up

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