Saturday, July 26, 2008

birds and the bees

We haven't really adopted a parenting method for our kids yet but we have a strategy that has come naturally to both of us and we go with it. When time allows, we explain things that she asks about in full detail to Maetia and make it a bit simpler for her but not too much. We will give her the facts and hope that she learns to love exploring and asking questions. This has caused a few laughs so far but we have to keep serious faces because she is so sincere.
We told her about birds and bees; literally and figuratively. I told her about owls and how much I like them and we made the hoot hoot sound. I told her that we couldn't see them because they are nocturnal and are awake at night. Now whenever we hear the mourning dove outside our window (she thinks it is an owl) she tells me that it is an owl, it's mommy's favourite bird, and did I know they are nocturnal?
We also told her about the difference between boys and girls. She noticed during her first bath with Eli so we just told her matter of factly. Tonight in the tub she told me that she isn't allowed to touch Eli's peanut and that she has a gaayiina and that she will have babies in her tummy when she gets big. Then she asked me to take off my breasts and come in the tub too. Too cute
She has started to use her imagination alot lately. She used to make us pretend food in her toy kitchen and drink pretend tea but recently she has started talking about her little creature. She points to it and holds it in her hand and she tells us "awww, it is so cute". We agree because we aren't sure what else to say!

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