Monday, February 11, 2008

Our new house

It has taken awhile to get the renovations done but we are now moved in, settled, mostly unpacked and starting to put up artwork and decorations. We completely redid the bathroom, and tore out all carpet and wallpaper upstairs. Of course we found mold on the walls and after removing the gyprock we realized there was no insulation in the exterior walls. So we did what we could afford and then blew in more cellulose insulation in the attic. It has definitely made a difference. Maetia tells us every day that there is plastic on the windows, Daddy did that she says, "keeps us warm". I wonder when we have a more efficient home if she will remember being so poor we had to seal the windows up and put plastic on them. Oh well, we own our own home and it is a great feeling!! Except when the basement filled with water, but that is another story. We are really happy to be in and look forward to our backyard full of trees and raspberries/blackberries in the spring. We are finding the space a blessing and a curse because there is more to clean and more places to loose things but we also have enough room for Michael to have a studio and for all of our 'things' that have been packed aways since we got married. It is fun to have walls to hang art on and shelves to put our books on. We have so many books and so much pottery!! We are going to post more pictures of the updated version of our house as well as more of Maetia. I did put up one picture of my belly, as requested. I have a larger than basketball size stomach with stretch marks gallore. We are praying that the baby will come soon and be healthy. I am not due for another week and since we are planning a home birth we don't want to rush anything, but lets just say by looking at the size of me, I am ready.


Chloe said...

How wonderful (except for all the unexpected surprises). We are so excited for you guys. Yay for new homes and yay for studios! Now to just have the time and discipline to use them. Go Michael! We will be praying for you, Laura, as you deliver another beautiful child into this world. Awesome.

Abril said...

two great, exciting posts Laura - I hope this comment finds you progressing :)

The plastic covered windows made me laugh. I can remember us covering the outside of our whole house in "re-used" plastic from the silage bags and "plasterlats" (that's what I remember them being called - really, really thin wood about two inches wide and a yard long). Also the windows were covered with plastic from the inside and we could see them billow in and out with the wind. My bedroom had no heat and we would get snowdrifts in the windows sometimes.

And yet, I never connect all of that with us being poor :) So, Maetia might remember the plastic, but I'm sure she won't remember the poverty :D Your family is rich in too many other ways that really count for kids.